Marketing at 140 miles per hour!

NASCAR Camping World Car Marketing Partners Enjoy

Brand Awareness Through Exposure

Increase your corporate presence with the most brand loyal fans on the planet. Your race car displayed at your facility and local venues with the driver autograph session can drive customers to your location with handouts and coupons. This is the highest visible profile in the sport that helps build an atmosphere of strength and refinement. It is the most effective way to capitalize on race fans' loyalty.

Live TV broadcast at 9 of the 14 races on HD net with encore shows at SPEED.

Your branded transporter traveling over 250 highway hours providing two million impressions to travelers.

Build and Strengthen Business Relationships with Glamor and Prestige

Entertain Corporate Sponsors, Vendors, High Profile Clients and Employees with a Unique Hospitality Weekend.

Corporate involvement in motor sports is far different than leasing a sky-box at a major arena. As a team sponsor, you are given access that is unprecedented in the world of professional sports. This level of access and involvement allows you to share this exclusive access with clients and employees, strengthen and build new business relationships and give clients and employees a feeling of ownership in your program. Enjoy the unforgettable excitement and sounds of NASCAR; treat your people to a truly American Sport.

Associate yourself with the prestige only NASCAR can provide. Rub shoulders with NASCAR's top ranks at three of the series races when we tour with the top tiers of racing.

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A Spokesman You Can Be Proud Of

The NASCAR Camping World program is the top level of the NASCAR Developmental Series. This series gives involved companies hands on access for marketing and promotion activities with tomorrow's rising stars.

21-year-old Martin McKeefery of Milpitas, Calif. has four championships in the three car classes he has raced. His dedication and perseverance is the message that we want to convey to today's youth. Martin is the role model that emerging athletes, entrepreneurs and scholars can look to while defining their own commitment to success. For this reason, Martin is certain that he will represent your business and associates admirably. He will help to generate new business through increased visibility, the association with NASCAR, and appearances at marketing events.

Please contact us today so we can show you just how the power of NASCAR can work for you.

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